Retirement Wishes for Coworker

The best collection of retirement messages that you can use to wish a coworker a happy retirement.
  • You can now relax, you've earned it, enjoy your retirement.
  • We'll miss you, wishing you the best on your next big adventure.
  • Wishing you all the best in your life after retirement. You'll surely be missed around and hope you will stay in touch.
  • Best wishes on your retirement, you are truly peerless around here.
  • We hope you reflect on your past with happiness and look forward to your future with joy and anticipation.
  • We'll miss you. Enjoy your retirement, you've earned it.
  • Happy retirement, you're leaving big shoes to be filled.
  • Congrats! Wishing you continued success in whatever you choose to do next.
  • Enjoy your retirement, you'll be missed around here.
  • Congratulations, now you have time to do what you really want to do.
  • May you make the most of your new 7 day weekend. May you have a very happy retirement.
  • May your retirement be filled with many relaxing days and exciting new adventures.
  • Things won't quite be the same without you here. Don't forget about us in your retirement.
  • Congratulations on your retirement. Now you have time to relax and enjoy all the things you didn't have time for when you were working.
  • Wishing that your retirement is all that you dreamed that it could be and so much more.
  • Congratulations, may you spend your retirement doing all of your favorite things.
  • You've worked long enough, now you can go out and enjoy your retirement years.
  • You've worked so hard, no one can say that you haven't earned this retirement. Congratulations!
  • We'll miss you greatly but wish that you'll enjoy every moment of your retirement.

  • Wishing you all the best on your next chapter in life. We'll miss you and hope you'll stay in touch with us.
  • Congratulations, you just added 5 days to your weekend!

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